Mechanical Musical Instruments

Show #6 – Mechanical Musical Instruments (PT2) | Tracklist

Show: If Wet Radio #6
Instrument: Mechanical Musical Instruments (PT2)
Aired: 31st May 2015, 2-4pm.

Full track list from the show:

Religionszwang – Godfried-Willem Raes

Buxus – Sebastian Bradt

Treefingers – Sebastian Bradt

Souvenirs d’Andalousie – Louis Moreau Gottschalk

Snar2 – Aphex Twin

diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13 – Aphex Twin

Jynweythek Ylow – Aphex Twin

Study 3b for Player Piano – Conlon Nancarrow

Dissolver – Squarepusher x Z Machines

Exclusive feature on Sarah Kenchington – Sarah Kenchington / Mark Vernon

Tapered Things – Sarah Kenchington

Caravan, Scotland – Sarah Kenchington

Foggy Mountain Breakdown – Ramey Banjo-orchestra

Ein Freund, ein guter Freund – Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina

Percy Grainger section – Percy Grainger Museum

Les Souliers – Arno Fabre

150 prepared dc-motors, 270kg wood, 210m string wire – Zimoun

Tone Float – Tone Float

Visible – Plaid x Felix’s Machines

Sacrifice – Björk

Fearce – Author & Punisher

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