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Show #5 – Pipe Organ | track list

Show: If Wet Radio #5
Instrument: Pipe Organ
Aired: 26th April 2015, 2-4pm.

Full track list from the show:

Cooks – Kit Downes and Tom Challenger

Diapason (Barrow version) – Lauren Redhead

A’ Fàs Soillier (Live) – Claire Singer

Lost in a Wood – Stuart Estell

Medieval organ – Jankees Braaksma

Danse Macabre – Hans-André Stamm

Harmonies – Hans-Ola Ericsson (Ligeti)

Ressuscitant de l’étreinte de la Sirène – Robert Curgenven

La cathédrale engloutie – Naked City

They Being Dead Yet Speaketh – Jóhann Jóhannsson

Luminous Skull – Neptune

Hatred of Music: I – Tim Hecker

Show #5 – Pipe Organ

Show: If Wet Radio #5
Instrument: Pipe Organ
Airing: 26th April 2015, 2-4pm.
Where: Sound Art Radio (Stream: 2-4pm) | Mixcloud (Pod stream)

Our fifthshow will focus on the pipe organ.

It will stream from 2-4pm on Sound Art Radio on the 26th April 2015…and will subsequently appear on our Mixcloud and in podcast format.

This page is to be used for any discussion and links that we might have beyond what occurs on Twitter as the show airs.

We welcome any comments and thoughts both before, during and after the shows! Please add comments to this post.