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Show #4 – Mechanical Musical Instruments | track list

Show: If Wet Radio #4
Instrument: Mechanical Musical Instruments (Part 1)
Aired: 29th March 2015, 2-4pm.

Full track list from the show:

Mécano ostinato – Pierre Bastien

The American on the Highway – Pierre Bastien

Sailor’s Hornpipe/ Home Sweet Home – Music Box

Outlier – John Morton

Wolfgangi – Matthias Loibner

Razvrastanata – Matthias Loibner

Mikor Kend es Pista batyam – Hungarian Hurdy Gurdy Orchestra

Theme from Devil May Call – Nicholas Pike

Voyage of Time – Antiquity Music

Poème symphonique for 100 metronomes – György Ligeti (Performed at Plush Festival)

Grandmother’s Advice (September Song) – Thomas Truax

Toosen Takk – Felix’s Machines

Torn to Pieces – Felix’s Machines

Ends – Graham Dunning

Compact Rhythem – Graham Dunning

Popcorn – Sarah Angliss

Oak Apple Orchestra (medley) – Paul Gittins

Bird of Parallax (section) – Daphne Oram

Rhythmicon demonstration – Andrej Smirnov

Melocipede solo – Neil Feather

Shifts – Logos Duo