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Show #5 – Pipe Organ | track list

Show: If Wet Radio #5
Instrument: Pipe Organ
Aired: 26th April 2015, 2-4pm.

Full track list from the show:

Cooks – Kit Downes and Tom Challenger

Diapason (Barrow version) – Lauren Redhead

A’ Fàs Soillier (Live) – Claire Singer

Lost in a Wood – Stuart Estell

Medieval organ – Jankees Braaksma

Danse Macabre – Hans-André Stamm

Harmonies – Hans-Ola Ericsson (Ligeti)

Ressuscitant de l’étreinte de la Sirène – Robert Curgenven

La cathédrale engloutie – Naked City

They Being Dead Yet Speaketh – Jóhann Jóhannsson

Luminous Skull – Neptune

Hatred of Music: I – Tim Hecker